Personal Experience and World Transits: Participating in the Evolutionary Unfoldment of the Anima Mundi

In session three, Jessica and Delia explore how world transits are ongoing evolutionary expressions of the Anima Mundi, or world soul, and how our personal attention to this layer of archetypal expression contextualizes our psychological understanding of birth charts and personal transits. Our individual participation in the collective energies through our birth charts (the world transits at the moment of our incarnation) and our personal transits (the world transits’ ongoing, unfolding relationship to our birth chart) creates our unique, personal relationship with the transpersonal outer planets. How we take responsibility for bringing transpersonal archetypal energies down to earth in human form becomes our offering to the Divine.

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5 thoughts on “Personal Experience and World Transits: Participating in the Evolutionary Unfoldment of the Anima Mundi

  1. Hey Ladies! Loved this discussion, it’s Mercury-Uranus elements, and love this podcast. Especially the connection between the anima mundi and the world transits, which had not occurred to me before. I am wondering now and my question is, how do these relate to the collective unconscious? Are the world transits reflective of what is up for the world soul to be brought out of the collective unconscious and given the light of day?

    1. Hello Jason, thank you for listening to our podcast and for your awesome question! Yes, we believe the world transits are reflective of the world soul’s evolutionary unfoldment, similar to the unfoldment of the life and soul of a human being, reflected in their personal transits. It seems that one dimension or quality of the world transits is the way they reflect the collective unconscious of the morphic field of the species ego, the species mind, and the species soul. The world transits correlate with both the content and the process of what emerges during any given moment in time, whether that be through culture, politics, ecosystems, the environment, the way we view each other and the world, or anything else you can name. It feels important to us to realize that what emerges from the collective unconscious, either on the world stage or inside our own homes and personal lives, that it is not only the content we must focus on but the process by which the emergent takes place. Just as the birth chart reflects the soul’s potential expression this lifetime in participation with the archetypes, it also illuminates the ways in which this potential expression most wants to come through. For example, the individuation process for a person born with Sun-Neptune in any major alignment inherently includes the process of loss of identity, merging with many others and the All, and the inevitable dissolution of self. This is not something to be avoided or seen as pathological, but rather to be embraced as much as possible (and with tons of support and resources) and therefore honored in the way the Self (Sun) begins to heal (Neptune) and eventually Be, Radiate, and Shine forth from a much more expanded state of self for the Sun-Neptune native. We must not ignore the process while we focus on the content. For us, this is a more feminine and embodied way of understanding the insights and guidance of depth psychology with archetypal astrology. Thank you, Jessica and Delia.

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