Saturn-Mars: Working with Anger

In session four, Delia and Jessica go on a Saturn-Mars archetypal odyssey exploring different ways that Mars can express as the emotion of anger, and how we can bring a Saturnian discipline and focus to that expression in our relationships, family systems and work in the world. They discuss woking with anger in an affect-avoidant culture, where aggression often comes through as toxic hyper-masculinity, and how to recover the libidinal life-force beneath that. Now is a powerful time to reflect on the Saturn-Mars opposition in the sky as it is currently alive and well on the world stage for all of us.

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2 thoughts on “Saturn-Mars: Working with Anger

  1. Wonderful once again! Do you guys think you could do a podcast on what planets and their aspects would most likely be attributed with a person experiencing lifelong feelings of abandonment, loss and alienation, and insecurity in relationships? Thank you so much for these deeply insightful talks.

    1. Hello Phoenix Olivia, yes, most definitely. We will be happy to address your question in an upcoming session. Thank you for listening to our podcast and for your important question!

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